Thursday, July 17, 2014

International Cell Phones, T-Mobile, and the Deep Blue Sea

Many have had the unpleasant experience of receiving a large cell phone bill upon returning from an international trip.   T-Mobile has the best deal going: their phones include unlimited international roaming, and they mean it.  I’ve used my T-Mobile phone so far in Australia, New Zealand, and Italy.  I always had a usable connection. They give 3G speeds, which is fine for email and basic web browsing.  They charge U.S. $.20 a minute for telephone calls, although one can avoid that by using Skype.

One thing to watch out for — cruise ships.  As long as one is in range of shore, T-Mobile works splendidly.  However, if one on the high seas, your cell phone will connect to the ship’s cellular system.  On Princess the name is Maritime Communications.  Data charges were $15 per megabyte of data.  I forgot once to switch data roaming off.  The result was 4 incoming e-mails and a $7.00 charge.

Be sure to turn data roaming off if you are not close to shore.

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